Exploring Trunyan: Where Ancestral Spirits Rest

Nestled on the eastern shore of Bali’s Lake Batur, Trunyan Village stands as a testament to Bali’s diverse and intricate cultural fabric. What sets this village apart is its ancient and unconventional burial ritual, showcasing a unique facet of the island’s traditions.

The Unusual Burial Ritual

In Trunyan, the deceased are not buried or cremated as is typical in Hindu-majority Bali. Instead, bodies are simply laid out in the open air. The Taru Menyan tree, a sacred and unique element of this village, plays a crucial role. Its natural fragrant scent masks the odors of decomposition, preventing the air from being foul despite the open-air setting.

Ancestral Beliefs and Practices

This burial custom is a reflection of the Balinese sub-group known as the Bali Aga, who adhere to ancient animistic beliefs predating Hindu influences. The people of Trunyan believe that the bodies placed under the Taru Menyan tree are purified by the fragrances, eventually leaving only the clean skeleton. Skulls and bones are then arranged in a specific pattern, showcasing a surreal and eerie display.

Visiting Trunyan Village

For those intrigued by unique cultural practices, a visit to Trunyan is a must. Getting there involves a traditional boat ride across Lake Batur, adding to the adventure. Once in the village, visitors can witness this centuries-old ritual and interact with the villagers to understand their belief systems.

The Ethereal Surroundings

Apart from the unusual burial customs, Trunyan Village offers stunning natural beauty. Surrounded by the majestic Mount Batur and the expansive Lake Batur, the location itself is awe-inspiring. Visitors can combine cultural exploration with a glimpse of Bali’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes.

Preserving an Ancient Heritage

While the world around Trunyan has modernized, the village clings steadfastly to its ancient practices. The Taru Menyan tree and its rituals are fiercely protected and form an integral part of the village’s identity.

Trunyan Village stands as a window into Bali’s past, offering travelers a chance to witness a distinctive blend of spirituality, tradition, and the enigmatic beauty of the island.

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